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Producing specific products in specific industries. Every product needs to stand up to the strictest customer’s picky, Every product carries our concept of survival and development. Win customers with standards that exceed market requirements through continuous optimization and self-improvement.

Our factory

Growing factory for heavy duty transmission parts

From nothing to something and from small to big time。

In the 1990s, we only had ordinary lathe equipment and could only process semi-finished products for our customers. In the 2000s, we added CNC equipment that allowed us to process finished products for our customers. Now has intelligent machining center and coordinate detector and other high-precision equipment, the establishment of a perfect product processing line and quality control process, the whole process to meet customers from computer design to high-quality finished product output.

Our Values

Factories meet customer needs through products and improve themselves in the process.

Our Products

Committed to Quality

The core is to make the customer have a better experience and revenue.


High-precision intelligent processing equipment and advanced production technology ensure high-quality product quality.


Accurate raw material accounting, matching efficient human resources and other mechanisms to control various expenses.


Factory and customer direct price exchange, adapt to the high intensity of market competition.


The factory has a strong customization ability, which is very suitable for customers to provide drawings or samples to make all kinds of standard or shaped products.

Our Purpose

Develop and grow together with partners

In order to survive in the competitive market, it is important that we cooperate with customers in different regions to produce products that adapt to the market and thus drive the business growth of all parties.

By building good relationships with our partners, we are able to achieve more efficient work and more meaningful relationships. This requires us to invest time and effort in cultivating good communication, respect and trust to achieve common goals and grow together.

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